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my name is Giacomo Piciacchi and I have been working at the Pompano Beach Airpark since 2007.
I started giving flying lessons for a part 141 flight school after which I left to fly for an airline on a Beech BE 1900.
When the company started operating a Gulfstream GIIB I became the first officer on that aircraft.
During this time I missed teaching so much, that I stopped flying for the airline and took up teaching students to become pilots again.

I hold the following licenses and type ratings:

  • ATP license with a B737 PIC type rating
  • CFI
  • CFII
  • MEI

My pilot license number is 3135790.

I have flown over 6,000 hours total of which over 4,000 consist of teaching.

On Jan 1st, 2015 I married my wife Helen who had never flown a single engine aircraft before.Helen Piciacchi
After I took her on her first plane ride, she got hooked and keeps asking: When can we go flying again?
Of course she wants to be in the pilot seat when we fly.
Please call me at 954-993-6312 or email me with any questions you might have about your PPL – private pilot license, single engine commercial pilot license, multi engine commercial license, complex aircraft endorsement, high performance aircraft endorsement, your bi-annual flight review, your IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check) or simply a Sightseeing Flight.

I will be more than happy to help.

My Best



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