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Now that you have earned your Private Pilot License (PPL) in Pompano Beach or elsewhere, it is time to think about advancing your flight training and to start your Instrument Rating.

Continue your Pompano Flight Training with chief instructor CFII Giacomo Piciacchi at the Pompano Beach Airpark with airport Identifier KPMP.

Pompano Beach offers excellent instrument training as our airport is a Class D airport with hardly any wait times to take off, if any.

If you compare Pompano Beach Airpark to other airports such as Miami., KMIA or Fort Lauderdale International Airport KFLL, or Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport KFXE you will cut the costs of obtaining your Instrument Rating in Pompano Beach considerably, as the before mentioned airports are busy airports with taxi and wait times of up to 20 minutes. And you are paying for each minute of it, flying or taxiing.
These are all factors to take into consideration when choosing your next flight school.

During the training for your Instrument Rating in Pompano Beach, you will learn how to fly approaches like the Localizer 15 approach in Pompano Beach Airpark as well as learn to fly DP’s (Departure Routes) like the Fort Lauderdale Five Departure depicted below.

View the Instrument Rating Requirements imposed by the FAA

Please call Giacomo with any questions about Instrument Training at Pompano Beach Airpark at 954-993-6312 or send an email.

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